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2017 Workshops and Collaborations

Traditional Animal Processing
February 4 & 5, 2017, 8:00am-5pm
$250, $225 early registration (by January 5)

Instructors: Jeff Sanders and assistants

Desert DAWN’s Traditional Animal Processing Workshops provide students with the opportunity to learn to slaughter, skin, eviscerate, butcher and cook a medium sized animal (sheep or goat) in a traditional way, using little more than one’s knife.  The methods taught are what one would use to provide meat for a family, similar to methods used on a small farm or while hunting.

"We will identify the parts of the animal and learn how to process the muscles, sinews, tendons, intestines and organs, as well as share some ways to cook the edible parts. Students will prepare lunch from what the animal provides, and local desert foods will accompany the meal. Additional processing will include preparing the hide, bones and hooves to be made into usable tools, clothing, musical instruments or adornments. Examples of projects students can choose to work on will be on hand: tools, sinew and intestine cordage,
hoof rattles, hide glue and more."
Registration and info here

Desert Harvest Series and Homestead Demos at Mercado San Agustin, and More
A whole year of free downtown demos are planned with support from Community Food Bank.
Half-day Saturday workshops, sliding scale and *affordable, follow up on demos for those who want to delve deeper into local desert foods, and make food justice/food security more delicious!
Follow-up workshops are at Bean Tree Farm and other locations (TBD)

*We work hard to offer our workshops to all who are inspired to attend, and gratefully welcome contributions to the scholarship fund. Please contact us if you would like to help!

Desert Harvest Series
February 16:Winter Greens Demo at Mercado
March 23: Cholla Bud Demo at Mercado
April 1: Cholla Bud Harvest, Processing & Feast 8:30am-12pm
(Bean Tree Farm or TBD)

We will harvest and safely process cholla buds, enjoy them in several recipes and share in a feast with other delicious, nutritious seasonal foods.
Registration and info here

Homestead Series
January 19: Twig Stove Demo at Mercado
Learn how to make a portable, efficient, twig-burning stove using recycled cans, simple hand tools, and basic heating principles and design. Boil water and sample prickly pear tea.
January 21: Twig Stove Workshop (Bean Tree Farm or TBA)
February 23: Fermenting Demo at Mercado

Fermentation is a great way to preserve surplus seasonal foods. It's also a tasty way to introduce probiotics into your diet. Learn the basics behind kimchi/kraut, kombucha, and kvass (desert version using prickly pear in place of beets).
March 4: Fermenting Workshop & Feast 8:30am-12pm, Bean Tree Farm
Fermentation is a great way to preserve surplus seasonal foods. It's also a tasty way to introduce probiotics into your diet. We will make kimchi/kraut, kombucha, and kvass (desert version using prickly pear in place of beets) and share other ferments and delicious, nutritious seasonal foods.
Registration and info here

Past Workshops
Desert Harvesters Workshops held at Bean Tree Farm:
Harvest & Cook with Wild Abundance Workshops, Fall 2016
Enjoy seasonal Sonoran Desert flavors and unique recipes with other interested folks in this tasty educational series. Learn to harvest, process, store & create desert delicacies- tried & tested recipes & tips to invent your own specialties. Workshops include discussion & resources for creating Sonoran Desert foodscapes in your yard & neighborhood. These workshops follow up on free demos listed below.

November 19- Creating Salsas, Chutneys & Sauces with Wild Ingredients 8:30am-12:00pm More opportunities to cook with prickly pear & other Sonoran Desert foods stored from seasonal harvests- including prickly pear reductions, ferments, bean tree products & more. Bean Tree Farm is known for unusual condiments featuring desert foods- we'll share recipes & inspire you to create your own! $35-$50 sliding scale* Email workshops@desertharvesters​.org for info & registration. Discount for Desert Harvesters members & volunteers

December 3- Barrel Cactus Harvest & Wild Winter Feast 11am-2:00pm Join us for a barrel cactus fruit harvest, preparation, & feast! Holiday fare features drinks & specialties from Bean Tree Farm & farmer friends around Baja Arizona. $35-$50 sliding scale* Email workshops@desertharvesters​.org for info and registration. Discount for Desert Harvesters members and volunteers

December 3- Bean Tree Farm Holiday Bazaar 3-5:00pm We will be offering farm products, local arts, crafts and books, and holiday gift baskets. $5-$10 donation benefits Desert Harvesters.

Harvest Series Demos at Mercado San Agustin (downtown Thursday Farmers Market) A collaboration with Community Food Bank, Desert Harvesters and Friends Thursdays thru 12/1/'16- FREE

Most workshops are limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration is required. 10% discount for early registration (one month or more). Workshops can fill quickly- first come, first served. We try to close workshop registration 10 days prior to workshop, so please register early! Workshop times and dates are subject to modification as weather, seasonal variation for harvest, etc., permit.

For more information, please email, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates.

Desert Food Workshop Sponsors and Collaborators: Desert Harvesters, Community Foodbank Community Food Resource Center *10% donation to Desert Harvesters. Special rates are available for DH members and volunteers.