Bean Tree Farm 


Arizona Homestead Artisans has grown out of a desire to more fully share a holistic, interconnected and art-full approach to Sonoran Desert living.         

May 2018

The art of living in a place while making it better for people and nature nourishes us, and feeds a common hunger for a more natural way of life.              We want to expand and collaborate with individuals and organizations to grow AHA into a useful bridge, inspiring and connecting old, new and aspiring homestead artisans to each other and the region.

Building on several years of community demonstrations at Thursday's Santa Cruz River Market for Community Food Bank, and over thirty years of raising families, gardens and green buildings, friends and fellow teachers Jill Lorenzini and Barbara Rose feel inspired to create a new branch of work in the community.  In our view, everything is- and should be- interconnected: building, gardening, wild-crafting, cooking, conserving, recycling, regenerating our relationship with place. This year, we've scheduled ten 2018 Building Desert Bounty workshops at the farm to enhance and reinforce 23 demonstrations (see below) that Community Food Bank has engaged us to present at Thursday Santa Cruz River Farmers Market. We'd like to continue to expand our offerings and invite more homestead artisans to share their passion and diverse skills.

We're inviting conversation with all organizations and individuals who would serve their vision, mission and purpose by collaborating with AHA.

Share your thoughts and interest with us. Attend and support these events. Provide scholarships to partners, employees and young people.

We're looking forward to hearing from and creating with you!