Bean Tree Farm

Farm Products

margarita, cholla buds, saguaro fruit, pottery
ironwood sprouts, hot chiles, mesquite prickly pear

left to right: barrel cactus fruit and seeds, desert kimchi,

Our small-batch, artisanal, farm-made foods are packed in re-usable glass jars; most require refrigeration. Please contact us for availability and for joining our CSP farm share program.

  • Mesquite or Prickly Pear/Chocolate Chiltepin Sauce (try on ice cream, chevre, fruit)
  • Mesquite/Prickly Pear Barbeque Sauce/Rub(sweet, tart, spicy)
  • Chutney (barrel cactus, nopalito, seasonal ingredients vary)
  • Kimchi & Pickles (traditional lacto-fermentation with desert ingredients)
  • Prickly Pear Juice (fresh-frozen, 16/32 oz. bpa-free re-usable container)
  • Salsa (seasonal, fresh, various desert fruits and chiles, lacto-fermented)
  • Honey (mesquite and mixed florals)
  • Saguaro / Prickly Pear Elixirs (cordials with agave spirits, cactus fruit, spices)
  • Herb Salts, Rubs& Oils (barrel fruit, olive, chile, desert herbs, organic olive oil)
  • Herbal Tinctures, Salves & Liniments (chaparral, passion vine, vitex & more)
  • Ironwood Tempeh, Miso, Edamame, Paloverde Bean Products
  • Other Products as available: (cactus cuttings for propagation, buds, fruit & pads of opuntia/cereus varieties, desert seeds and plants)
  • Locally made Arts & Crafts, Pottery, Desert Foods Calendars, selected books

          (list available by request)

8 oz. products are $10 each on average. Frozen prickly-pear juice (16 and 32 oz.) $7.50 and $15.

       We'd be delighted to make up a gift basket for you!