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Retreats of one week or longer are scheduled throughout the year, and are designed to focus on participants' interests in various aspects of  Bean Tree Farm activities, as well as time for solitude, contemplation, and celebration, as you choose. Contact us for a sample schedule, or to arrange a special educational event for you, your family or group!

Retreat Testimonial: "In April of 2013, I had the honor of being the first participant in Bean Tree Farm’s new retreat program. I had planned on staying for 5 days but on arrival and a tour of the grounds by Barbara Rose, I immediately decided to stay for 3 WEEKS. I picked Bean Tree Farm for my visit because I wanted a deeper understanding of drylands permaculture that I could take back and teach to my community. I could see that this would happen for me on BTF and that I needn’t look any further. The drive from Joshua Tree to BTF was disheartening to say the least.... the moment I turned onto the BTF property. It honestly took my breath away.... in front of me was a fully intact permaculturalist’s dream with a healthy, diverse, and abundant Sonoran desert ecosystem. And the birds were singing! Everywhere! What did I learn? I learned about the amazing health giving properties of desert-harvested food. I learned about the simplicity and common sense of processing humanure into deep rich compost. I saw firsthand how it works to integrate all the systems so that they support each other – water harvesting, solar energy, composting, native food production, and buildings. And so much more! And then there are the people who live there. Smart, sweet and deeply knowledgeable... my gratitude to them all for making me feel so welcomed. Barbara Rose should be designated “A National Living Treasure”. I followed her around for 3 weeks, picking her brain. I’ve already passed a great deal to my community. I hope to talk a bunch of my friends into coming with me to next year’s retreat. Thank you BTF friends!"  – Jill G.