What We Do

Bean Tree Farm 

Bean Tree Farm is a small desert foods farm, producing since 2004. We harvest seasonal tree legumes, sweet cactus fruits and pads, berries and herbs, and create seasonal products available to the community at our farmstand, educational events, feasts and celebrations. The farm provides seasonal hands-on workshops about desert foods, herbs, earth-building/sculpting, arts and crafts. 

Bean Tree Farm is not a conventional farm- there are no rows or irrigation lines- although we do maintain small rainwater-fed household gardens and fruit trees, including fig, quince, pomegranate, jujube, olive and citrus. The farm is a perennial food forest that has been here for centuries, providing for all species that depend on it. Our work is to care for and enhance its health by welcoming rainwater into the landscape through gently placed earthworks, cisterns, and organic mulches, increasing soil health and habitat for native and drylands-adapted species.

As we live in a rapidly urbanizing area, we aim to model a way of building and developing in the desert that respects and regenerates the nature and culture of this place. This includes caring for, growing and preparing desert foods, and inspiring new farms and communities to feature Sonoran Desert

landscapes as the valuable resources they are.

As we grow, harvest and teach about the cornucopia of delicious and nutritious foods and herbs that grow in the Sonoran Desert, we aim to inspire our customers, students and visitors to try new foods and recipes, savor the flavors and benefits of eating local, and to regenerate the landscapes of their own homes and neighborhoods. 

We are a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary and Certified Naturally Grown.